White Wines

Greek Varietal Wines

  1. Kourtaki, house wIne, Greece

    Fresh and flavorful with a faint scent of spring flower. Complimented by a citrus quality, and a crisp finish.

  2. Tetramythos Malagouzia, Greece

    A noble and rare wine. The exotic perfumes of the Malagouzia grape variety are grown with minimal water. It is an especially aromatic grape leading to elegant full bodied wines, with medium acidity and exciting aromas of exotic fruits, citrus, jasmine and mint.

  3. Dionysos Fileri, Demi-Sec, Greece

    Aromas of exotic fruits, banana, pineapple, orange peel. Lite, fruity, enjoyable and easy to consume. Great with grilled fish and salads.

    8 / 29*
  4. Boutari Kreitikos, Greece

    Pleasant, wine of a luminous, pale straw color. Aromas of pineapple and grapefruit. A crisp wine with well balanced acidity.

  5. Manousakis Roussanne, Greece

    This gorgeously golden colored wine offers intense aromas of baked yellow apple, and spice. Notes of dried apricot and wild honey complimented by high quality oak.

  6. Gavala Santorini, Greece

    Made from estate grown grapes in Santorini, this wine is a fine blend of the local varieties of Assyrtico and Aidani grapes. The dryness of the Assyrtico combines with the back bone and aromas of the Aidani creates a wine that is both balanced and exotic.

  7. Tesseris Limnes (Four Lakes) Kir-Yianna, Greece

    Four lakes is a dry wine with a rich golden color and greenish tints. It is a nice, crisp, fresh wine with exotic character and citrus flavor. It has a heightened acidity that one does not find in wines of this level, and a beautiful round finish. A fantastic blend of chardonnay and gewurztraminer. Great with grilled fish and salads.


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